Love is strange.

No rules, formuas or warranty.

Sometimes it’s constant search, sometimes it’s waiting. Wise advice is to be very careful, meet a family and friends. Get to know each other and be truthful. Ask and listen.

Or just JUMP.


It’s similar routine while choosing a wedding photographer.

Couples spend hours online searching for a specific style of photography which will suit them. It’s always good to consider recommendation from the family and friends. Check on photographers websites, facebook, instagram…Talk or write to the photographer . Ask… and listen to your heart.

Or just JUMP as Casey and Kyle did.

Big thanks to Natasa, from *Wedding in Croatia by wedding angel* for being my *matchmaker*.  I was so worried about Casey and Kyle’s wedding day. It was such a stormy weather for days before. But, Natasa sad: *Don’t worry everything will be fine. You gonna love this couple, just do your magic!*

Suddenly, the storm was gone…

… and these are my three hours with this lovely couple from New Zealand and their closest friends.

Sometimes this life is magic!!!

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