This is an era of photography and social networks. Before we eat we take a photo of the food, we spend our sunsets on taking perfect photo of it, selfies on vacation, selfies in a office, selfies with our dearest. It is all in purpose of creating amazing life online.

It’s always nice to see beautiful images and spread happiness. Right?

So, it’s almost impossible to believe that some people still don’t feel comfortable in a front of the cameras. Sometimes it’s stressful for a photographer, but I have learned that under their grumpy surface is usually soft and warm soul. They don’t fake, their smiles are expression of the real happiness. Usually, I become friend with those people.

Is this wedding photo session a beginning of the beautiful friendship???

Hope so.

Thank you Dragana and Goran for all you trust in me. You are such a dear people.

Here is just a few photos of you three, your love and nothing else matters.