Milena, Tripo & Company

Milena, Tripo & Company

This is festive time of the year, as well as a time to summarize everything what was going on last 12 months. Earlier today while working on my paperwork (which I hate), I was thinking what to post on my blog  to represent my year 2017. Would it be a wedding ? I have so many unpublished weddings and feel guilty because of it. Or to have family session posted? Definitely, this year made me a kids and families photographer. It’s some rumors around that I love kids, I am calm, I understand. That’s true.

So, here is the post of all of those above.

Milena and Tripo made decision to held their wedding on their younger son’s  first birthday. Nice idea.

They had everything planned on their own, perfectly. But, plans with kids are, usually, just an ideas.

Be ready that kids might take over the ceremony, the stage, the dance floor …the wedding. Just like they already conquered their parents life.

Aleksa, Matija and little guests made this wedding very unique.

Kids make everything worth it.

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