Nicole spent last summer  near by Dubrovnik for a studies, so her boyfriend decided to fly from USA to Croatia, just for a two days. It was a short time for two love birds together but still long enough for him to propose her.

Suddenly, flight was cancelled, but this great young man managed to take another flight just to have a few hours to be with his girl. Luckily, he has friends who were helping him from the start. Their amazing friend Avi (my contact person who was supposed to be in Germany ) and girls (don’t know their names) did everything to bring Joserph’s ideas to real life and make Nicol the happiest girl on the world.

No one of them was before in Dubrovnik but as a big fan of „Games of Throne“ they didn’t have a problems to choose interesting location. Just at 2PM, on a harsh sun and organized groups of „GOT“ fans everything looked different. Pretty chaotic and perfect to make their story unique.

The moment when they came on location and realise it is full of  tourist, so he decided to take a selfie . Their friend in orange dress was messaging Avi who was hiding a few meters behind me. 🙂

Joseph taking a ring from a friend.

The group of tourist left the pier, but then they almost walked over me. I was running like a crazy chicken trying to avoid them.

To make surprise even bigger Avi was  there!!! He is THE BEST MAN for sure!!!

Tourist hiding in a shadows made a wonderful audience applauding and cheering.

P.S. Selfie of my husband and me waiting in a shadow for them to show up!!!

Big thanks to Nika and Ivana, dear ladies from Dubrovnik who helped to all of us.

And of course huge thanks to my dear Elena who came to take care for my kids who got a fever that  morning.