No revolution is worth anything unless it can defend itself.
Vladimir Lenin
Worthed or not, Russian revolution 1917 have changed whole our world, by changing so many individual life paths.One of those unpredictable paths broth a young Russian officer with his wife(and a carpet)  on a horse in picturesque  Studenica.

Young, handsome (I saw his photo), well educated officer become a teacher in this mountain village with a impressive history. People still remembers stories about Russian teacher:” He was strict, made his pupils exercise every morning!!!”-our innkeeper said.

What about her? The women who was by side of her man no matter what, no matter where? Was that carpet a wedding gift from her family?

Was it worthed?

Seeing their grand grandkids and grandgrand grandkids walking and rolling over the same paths looks like everything is in a good pleace… 100 years later.

Please NOTE: This is not religious or political post. Just a post about one lucky man!