From the first moment I saw bride with a tulips I knew this wedding not gonna disappoint me 🙂 . Suzana and Vedran’s wedding was gentle and fun as a breeze that day.

I am so proud those two people chose me to photograph them and first ever wedding ceremony held in a beautiful garden of Herceg Novi Museum. This is such a peaceful garden in a town center and it is unbelievable that no one had that idea before. We all enjoyed. Well, green table gave us some trouble, but great wedding officiant sorted out (with a little help from boys).

I don’t have many chance to talk to the wedding officiant, but here I can write how great are officiants from Herceg Novi. Those ladies care so much  and make 15 minutes of the ceremony so special for each couple I photographed. Fact that they are Suzanas’s colleagues and dear friends made everything even more special.

Great job Vladan, you get a pearl!!!