Vojislava & Miloš

Vojislava & Miloš

Remember, once I read about Kandinsky , the way he fall in love with his future wife before he met her, just after one phone call. Her voice made him to feel her beauty in any sense. This was the lesson I always trying to implement in my work. Not to make photographs just because I saw something, but because I feel it with all my senses.

Obviously, Kandinsky is still a distant star from my point of view, but since Vojislava called me I knew *I will enjoy working on this wedding*. .. Still working on images from their perfect day, but can’t wait to post some for Vojislava and Miloš to view, before I finish everything and send them to Novi Sad, Serbia.

Greeting for Vojislava, Miloš and their family!

P.S. Especially thanks to Miloš, he had so much patience with us girls 😉

Hair and makeup: Nina and studio CUT-CUT , Kotor

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